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Technologies for Safe and Efficient Transportation (T-SET)

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    T-SET Director Raj Rajkumar
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  • 2203 Cic | Carnegie Mellon University | 5000 Forbes Avenue | Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Pennsylvania's companies and institutions have a hidden secret. They are leading a Revolution in our Infrastructure. We want to help expose that secret to the world.

About 35,000 lives are lost every year due to road accidents in the US. In intersections alone, there are about 8,500 fatalities. More than a million accidents and injuries per year take a major toll on productivity. Most accidents occur due to human errors such as distractions, tiredness or other forms of impairment. Traffic delays cause driving commuters to spend an aggregate week stuck in traffic every year, leading to huge losses in productivity. Our long-term vision is one of "vehicles that do not crash".