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Class Purchasing

How do I place a phone order when my professor asks me to buy something?

  • Call the company first to find out if a credit card is acceptable. This is the preferred method of payment.
  • If not, ask if they accept purchase orders.
  • You can make the call from the reception area of 1201 Hamburg Hall. Be sure to log all calls in the phone log.

If you use a credit card:

  • Start by filling out a request form that can be picked up from the 1201 administrative office, download the CLASS PURCHASE FORM, or fill out our ONLINE FORM. Completed forms MUST have an instructor’s signature and account number on it and should be turned in to the purchase is made.
  • When you come to make your purchase (M-F 9-2), you MUST bring your completed form with you.
  • During this time, you can purchase the item by phone using the phone located in 1214 Hamburg Hall or you can order the product online using an ICES computer.
  • When they ask for payment, you must ask an ICES staff member for assistance. She will supply the vendor with the correct credit card information.
  • Be sure that your name is referenced on the package to be shipped. This is to ensure that when the package arrives, we know who it’s for.
  • Please note that under CMU policy, a single item costing $1000 or more cannot be purchased using a CMU credit card. Items of this value must be purchased using a purchase order. If it is computer related equipment, the PO should be processed by Charlie Matous. Contact him at or 8x8777 for more information. Purchase orders for all other items can be generated by Christina Cowan. See instructions below.

If you use a purchase order:

  • Email Becca Gray at to set up an appointment to have a purchase order created.
  • Christina will normally need 1-5 days to produce a PO depending on the vendor used.
  • Once a purchase order number has been supplied, you can then make the call from the reception area of 1201 Hamburg Hall to order the product. Again please log all calls in the phone log.
  • Please consult with Christina regarding all of the steps necessary to complete this process.

Okay, but what if I’m actually going to buy the part in person?

  • Proceed with the previous 4 steps, but you will now need to actually take the purchase order with you. You must make sure that the vendor will accept this method of payment. Always remember to ask the vendor for a receipt which you will turn into the main office.

What happens if the company does not take a purchase order?

  • This is the reason you should always call ahead of time to find out.
  • We can have a check cut and sent to them, but this is usually a 2-week turn around process and an order may not be sent until payment is received. Determine what your time frame is for the order.
  • Think about alternative vendors.

What if I need to buy something from Carnegie Mellon?

  • Please see Rhonda Moyer (Administrative Manager, 8x6410) for a campus requisition form.
  • Again, you will need an instructor's signature and account number on a request form, or you must have email sent to Rhonda.
  • All receipts should be returned to 1201B HBH.

All Done?