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Poster Printing

ICES prints posters for affiliated faculty and students. If you have a poster that you would like printed, please read the following guidelines before contacting us.

Poster Size
One side of your poster must be 40 inches or shorter, the length of the other side is unlimited. The most common poster size is 40 inches by 30 inches. The poster can be designed horizontally or vertically, it makes no difference when printing. Allow at least a few hours for printing and drying time.

How to make you poster
Your poster file can be an Adobe Acrobat file (*.pdf) or a Microsoft Powerpoint file (*.ppt, *.pptx). No matter what program you create your poster in, make sure the file is the exact size you will want the final, printed poster to be. If you need logos to use on your poster, contact Tim Kelly.

Once your poster is ready to print, contact Tim Kelly, ICES Graphic Designer, by calling 412-268-2229 or sending an email to