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ICES pursues multidisciplinary research opportunities and synergies within the College of Engineering and across colleges at Carnegie Mellon. ICES seeds and fosters multidisciplinary research, education and outreach that is related to the design and operation of complex engineered systems. ICES works collaboratively with industry partners and provides an industry-responsive environment to enhance technology transfer.

Solutions to our most serious challenges in improving modern society require multidisciplinary research approaches to the creation of increasingly complex engineered systems. The ICES vision is to develop enabling technologies and systems that seamlessly connect people with their physical and information environments. To accomplish this vision, research within ICES is based on integrated approaches to synthesis, acquisition, storage, dissemination and manipulation of information. ICES research empowers individuals to harness the potential of complex engineered systems to greatly improve productivity and enhance the quality of life.

Faculty working in ICES research clusters and centers are drawn from throughout CIT departments and the rest of Carnegie Mellon University. Faculty affiliated with specific ICES research clusters and centers can be found on the respective cluster/center webpages.

ICES draws faculty from these departments